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A Fragrance Of Worship

The fragrance of worship.jpg

When you consider smells, aromas and fragrances, many things come to mind. Memories are awakened, appetites are peaked, and other senses are heightened in response to fragrances. There’s nothing like the fragrance of a flower-filled garden, a clean, well-decorated home, a new car or a fine cologne or perfume.

The Bible teaches that the Christian’s life is like a sweet smelling fragrance to God. Jesus was accepted by the Father because of His successful and sacrificial life on Earth. When we emulate Christ we smell sweet to the Father. Worship is a part of that sweet-smelling life and when the sacrifices of a contrite heart and a broken spirit are laid before the altar, the Holy Spirit blesses them and us. That sweet odor then rises to the throne room where God resides. 

Is this the essence and aroma of your personal worship? Does it bring you into God’s presence? Your worship can be even sweeter; for the Bible teaches that God is drawn to His people by His love for them and by the Fragrance of Worship.

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