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Arthur I. Freeman

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Seems as if GOD put us together at just the right time…I needed the encouraging voice of a seasoned, veteran of life—and of the Christ-life—and you needed someone to help you make one more musical statement in recorded form.  I don’t know if you sensed it, but I wasn’t thinking that it would be your last one.

I was kind of hoping we would have another chance to at least minister together, if not record together. But our GOD whom we love and sing so passionately about…well…He had other plans.

I’m still shaking my head in disbelief as I write this, but the shock of your departure is beginning to give way to gratitude. Thank you, Bro. Arthur, for letting me in; thank you for trusting me with your songs; thank you for loving me like a son; thank you for loving my family; thank you for speaking into my life so many times; and most of all, thank you for setting the example of what passionate, unabashed worship looks like.  Many people half your age give a fraction of their energy to worshiping and serving GOD…you gave it your all…you gave HIM your all!!

I’ll always remember…I’ll “sing ‘till the power comes down”…and I’ll be grateful if I can bless someone the way you’ve blessed me.

Thank you, Bro. A…and “until then, my heart will go on singing…”

*Arthur was a member of Seniors With A Purpose (SWAP), which is a ministry of Bethel Gospel Assembly that serves the spiritual and social needs of senior citizens.  Proceeds from the sale of his recording will be donated to SWAP in his memory.  Thank you for keeping his legacy alive!

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