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The Bible's Song Book - Lesson 10

The Bible’s Song Book

A Study of the Psalms

Pastor Robert Soverall

Lesson 10: Psalm 39

In any song or hymn we get the information we need to understand the song’s message, in the verses. The verses give the setting, tell the story, share the conflict, etc. The “chorus”, or “hook” (in popular parlance) carries that main idea that tends to stay with us. Usually, the title of the song is found on the chorus.

This song that David wrote for his choir director (Jeduthun—whose name means one who communicates high praise—what a name for a choir director!!) tells a story of someone who is getting down to the basics with GOD:

I can’t keep quiet; I have to say what’s on my mind (vs1-2);

But my silence burned like fire and I had to say something. (vs. 2-3)

These verses set the stage for an honest conversation with GOD where David comes to grips with the reality that life is short, especially in comparison with eternity. He asks GOD to bring that truth home to him, which is not a morbid request.

This is something we should always keep in mind—we are not here forever! This life, these bodies, will one day give way to a supreme life with supreme bodies. That reality is designed to temper how we live this life—we shouldn’t be careless, faithless or godless. The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY should be our center, the truth of JESUS CHRIST should be our foundation and the guiding presence of THE HOLY SPIRIT should be our daily reality. And that brings us to the “hook”:

And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in YOU. (Psalm 39:7 NLT, emphasis supplied)

Songs are fantastic, aren’t they?? In just one line they get right to the point and attach lyrics to a melody that helps us remember the message. And the message is that your only hope for this life, and your only hope for successful transition to the next life, is in GOD!

So, friends, as we conclude our study of the Psalms 30-39, let’s get down to basics with our GOD. Let’s understand that time is not on our side and that it moves fast. Let’s realize that life is a rehearsal for eternal life and every rehearsal we miss makes us a little less prepared for the main event. Let’s seek GOD, study His word, rely on the Spirit and “practice the presence” every day! Let’s not focus on enemies, detractors or even our own difficulties because their purpose is only to bring us back to the main point:

Our only hope is in GOD!

I pray His blessings upon you as you continue to sing your life-song for His glory!

Think about it: if your life was put into a song, what would “the hook” be?

Extend your faith—many songs get tweaked before finally being released. If the previous question did not yield a satisfying answer, work on it! And do it while you have time...!

Pray: Dear GOD—my only hope is in You! And with all that’s going on...being “in You” is really the best place to be! Thank You for Your Word; help me live it out every day!!

Check back here for more inspirational thoughts from Bobby. And if you’ve read something that has helped you, pass it along to someone else. See you soon!

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