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The Bible's Song Book - Lesson 7

The Bible’s Song Book

A Study of the Psalms

Pastor Robert Soverall

Lesson 7: Psalm 36

There are times when the actions of ungodly people in a godless culture dominate our line of sight. Their dark blotches overrun run the canvas of our perspective—the bad is all we see...

That’s how this psalm starts off. Mind you, everything David describes in the first four verses is accurate! He’s not whining or complaining or “being negative”—what he declares is “a message from GOD ” (Psalm 36:1 NIV) and we would do well to note this description of ungodly people. They are out there; they are among us; they do NOT fear GOD!

But if we pay too much attention to these people and this culture, we can get bogged down, our spirits can become weighed down and our lenses of perspective can become muddied. So David, perhaps sensing this very thing, suddenly shifts his gaze to his GOD and all of a sudden we are brought into a world of color and beauty! What do we see?

GOD’s unfailing love, as vast as the Heavens and His faithfulness reaching beyond the clouds! (Vs. 5 NLT)

Righteous like mighty mountains and justice like ocean depths! (Vs. 6 NLT)

A feast in the abundance of His house; and drink from the river of His delights! (Vs. 8 NIV)

And, perhaps most importantly, we see “light”! (Vs. 9)

Don’t ignore that last blessing. The light of GOD shines on our pathway (Psalm 119:105) but it also shines on US. It enlightens our perspective and illuminates the world around us, enabling us to see beyond our natural vision. In His light, we see the light of truth—we see as GOD sees!

For example, the last 2 verses may seem to be David’s return to obsessing about the wicked. But in actuality, these verses describe the result of what happens in verse 10: when GOD’s loving kindness & righteousness continues to bless the lives of His people, there is nothing left for His enemies except failure and falling.

See your life in the light of GOD’s steadfast love!

Think about it: meditate on all the good things David sings about in Psalm 36:4-10. Have you experienced any of these blessings?

Pray: Dear GOD—shine your light on my world today! Illuminate my perspective and clear up my line of sight! Beautify the canvas I’m painting and fill me with the abundance of Your house so that I may live in the light of Your steadfast love! You are my King!

*There’s an old praise and worship song by Don Moen that follows this Psalm. “Your Steadfast Love” is the title. Lenny LeBlanc also recorded a version. If anyone has the LeBlanc version, please share!😊

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