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The Bible's Songbook

The Bible’s Song Book

A Study of the Psalms

Pastor Robert Soverall

GOD bless you! My prayer for you is that you are safe and well—physically and spiritually.

Right in the middle of our Bible is a songbook. I believe that GOD placed it there so that we would also keep our praise and worship of Him as the center of our spiritual lives. Honoring GOD is basic and foundational to the believer and, as ministers of music, this is an aspect of spiritual life that speaks to us clearly and deeply!

A “psalm” is a song. The title of the book of Psalms comes from the Greek word ψάλμοι

(Psalmoi) which means “instrumental music; the words accompanying the music; or sacred songs sung to musical accompaniment”. Those definitions are important because they reveal the importance of the musician’s AND the singer’s role in honoring GOD through music!

Although the Psalms are most often associated with David, he likely authored only half of the Psalms of the Bible. Other authors include Asaph (a mentee of David), Solomon (David’s son), Heman, Ethan & Moses. There are 12 Psalms that have been “assigned” to the sons of Korah but it is unclear as to whether they were the composers or the performers. 61 of the Psalms in our Bible are anonymous.

For the next 10 days or so, I will share some insights from the book of Psalms. We will begin with the 30’s (Psalm 30-39). Each study will briefly look at a key truth brought out by the psalm and will encourage you to dig for more.

Please participate—join me in this journey and let’s discover (or re-discover) the power, beauty and truth of GOD’s word as we look at these Psalms.

By the way, the Hebrew word for Psalms is tehililim. You know what that means? Praises!

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1 Comment

Dino Julien
Dino Julien
Dec 26, 2021

Looking forward to a loving, learning, launching and liberating experience. I wasn't aware that Solomon authored any of the Psalms! 🎼

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