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June April Gardner


She was unique, that’s for sure—unique in her voice, her style, her sense of humor and in her mission. From the time I first heard her sing at her cousin’s wedding, I wanted her to be a part of my musical journey.

And what a journey it was—many times on stage together, many times separated by seas and land masses. Many times we shared our admiration for the hymns of the church; other times I taught her from a classical perspective and she taught me from a jazz perspective. But through it all, we were always united in mutual respect, occasional collaboration and sincere friendship.

The songs I’ve selected to share on this site are among my favorites that she recorded. But you can hear her on my projects as well—the 2nd voice I ever recorded (Good News), stylishly scatting away on “My Closest Friend”, exploring her alto side on “Come Thou Fount” or helping me jazz-out on “Trust and Obey”.  June was phenomenal!!

Everyone who knew and loved her still aches over the fact that she isn’t with us anymore; but I’m confident we will make music and laugh with her again. I’ll never know another June April Gardner, but that’s ok…the one I got to know was pretty special…and unique…for sure!

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