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The Bible's Song Book - Lesson 3

The Bible’s Song Book

A Study of the Psalms

Pastor Robert Soverall

Lesson 3: Psalm 32

Maschil or maskil, in its verb form, means “to instruct, make wise or enlighten.” So, David wrote this song not only for musical or worship purposes; he wrote it to give instruction to those who would sing or read these lyrics. It’s a teaching song—a song for contemplation. Many centuries later, Paul would tell the church that her songs are supposed to do that very thing: teach! (See Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16 NKJV).

Verses 1&2 teach us the wonder of grace! Who is this person who GOD doesn’t charge with sin?? I thought we were all sinners? (Romans 3:23) But here we see that there is a blessed, happy and joyful person who not only doesn’t get charged for sin, but has his/her sin COVERED by GOD! Whoa!! How can I get in on that deal?? Well, David tells us how...

Vs.3-5: “When I kept silent...”

David’s silence caused him to loose strength. He began to whither as if under intense heat; and GOD’s hand was upon him—not for good—but to keep that pressure on David! What was David silent about? The NASB adds some clarity when it renders the verse as “When I kept silent about my sin...”

David knew he was a sinner; but he didn’t own up to it. He didn’t confess it; he didn’t admit it; and GOD kept him under pressure! But when was that pressure relieved? Look at verse 5: “Then I acknowledged my sin to you...” HCSB. And after that confession came forgiveness and so much more:

  • The “New Deal” which involves having sins covered and not being charged to his account.

  • Guilt is taken away!

  • GOD, Himself, instructs and guides the one who confesses his/her sin (verse 8)!

  • Forgiven ones can truly shout for joy (vs.11)!

We can be free from guilt, pressure and a slow, agonizing, spiritual death if we confess our sins to GOD! David saw this grace long before Christ; but we see it in the light of Calvary’s cross! Hallelujah!!

But don’t delay; this deal has an expiration date on it! We are warned to:

  • Pray to GOD while He is accessible! (Vs. 6 & Isaiah 55:6)

  • Avoid being stubborn like a mule or horse. GOD doesn’t want to force you into relationship with Him! (vs. 9).

  • Flood waters of difficulty will come; the only safety is in being forgiven by GOD. Such a person finds mercy and security (vs. 6b & 10).

Verse 7 was been converted into a worship song that has blessed the church for decades; listen to this wonderful song and be grateful in the knowledge that if we confess our sins, we are covered!

(See 1 John 1:9 and the link below!)

Think about it: is there anything that you need to confess to GOD right now??

Pray a prayer of confession...who knows what kinds of blessings have been held up—waiting for your confession?

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